Potter, Painter, Artist

Jo Jo and Van Gogh is really the business name for me - Joanne Rodgers. I'm a painter, potter, graphic artist, and mother. In my spare time, I create things. Sometimes I sell them. Have a look around and let me know if you like what I create. 

Jar of F-bombs

Get yours here

Custom branding creation

I am a graphic designer, so I can help create your logo, branding, invoices, newsletter, social media pages, etc. This is an example of a logo that I created for  
- a wonderful friend that has created a mommy support group. Check her out. 

Custom Illustration

I like to draw, digitally. This was a custom commission for a realtor who wanted a personal house warming gift for her client. You can view other illustrations in my gallery. 


I have been learning ceramics for about 2 years now, and although it's been a MONTH since I have been in the studio, occasionally I will post pieces for sale here. You can also see most of my pottery on instagram.